Project status
Port Kembla, NSW
Start Date
Aug 2014
Completion Date
Jun 2016

Port Kembla Coal Terminal (PKCT) is the major coal facility in southern NSW for the transfer of coal from rail and road to ship. The terminal is responsible for receiving, assembling and loading coal from the southern and western NSW coalfields. The coal is then transported by ship to domestic and international markets.

The existing equipment servicing the coal stockpiles has been in operation for over 30 years and is in need of significant upgrade works to maintain the current operational capacity.

Martinus upgraded 6km of rail system within the 1km long coal stockyard to facilitate the introduction of new stacker and reclaimer equipment in the yard. The overall scope for this project involves:

  • removal of the existing rail system
  • installation of new drainage including RCP pit and pipe, concrete surface drains and subsoil drainage
  • formation reconditioning works
  • crushing and screening of removed spoil for reuse
  • installation of new sleepers and crane rail
  • install cross ties to maintain track gauge between independent sleepers
  • install earthing system

The works are undertaken during partial yard occupations. This introduces unique risks such as working under a live conveyor system, live coal stackers and operating heavy plant within 1m of a live 11kV cable. The successful delivery of this project has highlighted the strength that Martinus Rail possesses in tackling challenging projects in difficult and high risk working environments.