Project status
Gold Coast, QLD
CPB Contractors
Start Date
Mar 2017
Completion Date
Jul 2017

The Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 2 Project is an extension to the Stage 1 works and links the Gold Coast University Hospital with the Helensvale heavy rail station.

This involves approximately 7.5km of dual ballasted track, 1km of dual embedded track, and a section of slab track at the GCUH including gauntlet diamond and crossover. Along the alignment will be 5 new stations, 2 of which will be constructed at a later date.

Project scope involves:

  • Construction of 13km of ballasted track including guard rails across bridges, rail dampeners and stray current mitigation
  • Supply and installation of ballasted scissor crossover and standard crossover including twist rail
  • Construction of 5x70m embedded track through stations
  • Construction of embedded turnout and 2x100m tracks in existing light rail Depot
  • Supply and installation of slab track crossover, diamond and gauntlet at GCUH
  • Supply and installation of 51R1 and 49E1 IRJs

The project will further develop Martinus Rail’s capability in light rail construction in Australia across various trackforms, and consolidate the excellent working with the CPB Rail team in QLD.