Project status
Pilbara, Western Australia
Rio Tinto
Start Date
Mar 2019
Completion Date
Mar 2021

Martinus Rail has recently been engaged by Rio Tinto Track Maintenance department (part of the Railways division) to undertake extensive non-destructive testing of rail stress using VERSE equipment across their entire rail network.

The verse testing campaign is anticipated to continue through to July 2021 and will extend along the entire RTIO rail network. RTIO rail network is the largest privately-owned and operated rail system in Australia. It currently services 16 mines via mainline systems of more than 1,700 kilometres.

Project scope involves:

  • Non-destructive verse testing along the entire RTIO rail network
  • Calculation and reporting on Stress Free Temperature of the rail to determine de-stressing program

At peak there will be four verse testing teams working closely with the client to calculate the SFT of the RTIO track. Assisting identify track which requires destressing thereby reducing the risk of buckling and fracturing and ultimately ensuring a safer rail network for RTIO.

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