Project status
Sydney, NSW
Northwest Rapid Transit
Start Date
May 2017
Completion Date
Feb 2018

The Northwest Rapid Transit track construction project is well underway. Martinus Rail has completed the track construction at the Epping stub tunnels including the dreaded reverse-curve.

We continue to develop custom engineered solutions and work methodologies to overcome restricted work space and difficult work environments where typical solutions are not viable.

The ever-growing scope of works have included the construction of skeleton track, propping, lifting, lining and levelling of track with our customised Iron Horses with in-house designed attachments to produce floating slab track built to millimetre tolerances.

Project scope has involved Type 2 and Type 3 trackforms along the approximately 30.9 km total length through two new bored tunnels of segmental lining. Iron Horse brand standard gauge track alignment and gauge fixture supports.