Martinus and FCC Construction Australia announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on railway infrastructure projects, both in Australia and internationally.

This collaboration is well underway with Martinus and FCC Construction Australia joining forces on a number of exciting upcoming projects across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. These major railway infrastructure projects showcase the types of projects our companies can collectively embark upon in Australia and internationally. Martinus and FCC Construction Australia boast complementary skillsets that provide a holistic approach to complex railway infrastructure from the design phase right through to project completion. 

Though the collaborative relationship has first been demonstrated in Australia, Martinus and FCC Construction Australia’s relationship will extend beyond borders. Martinus will utilise its impressive expertise working across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Chile to expand the corporation internationally in conjunction with FCC Construcción’s established network of global rail projects.

Martinus is Australia’s largest privately-owned, full service railway infrastructure construction company who develop, design, build and maintain railways globally. Supplemented by FCC Construcción's global railway construction with a deep appreciation of complex integration, this partnership combines the best aspects of the two corporations, effortlessly blending local experts in each market with proven global expertise.

We’re incredibly excited about this partnership, which is another example of both companies’ industry leading approach to delivering world class railway infrastructure outcomes.

FCC Construction Australia, as part of FCC Construcción, has a presence in over 20 countries, supported by 120 years of international experience delivering major infrastructure projects. Since its establishment, FCC Construcción has set the benchmark for construction excellence and have extensive experience in the design and execution of large civil infrastructure projects.

Martinus is an Australian owned, industry leading, full-service railway infrastructure construction company that builds and maintains large scale railways and intermodals across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Chile along with select projects in other countries around the globe.  Martinus has the in-house capability for full turnkey project development from feasibility and operational transformation, engineering management, through to project management, construction management, and seamless integration.