Martinus’ project team continues to make great progress on the $340m civil and track works for the Carmichael Rail Network project.

While adhering to a number of strict environment requirements and measures, the civil team is continuing with bulk earthworks across the site, construction on the first of many temporary waterway crossings is underway and the team are preparing to commence piling works on the first bridge.

Martinus’ chief operating officer Ryan Baden said the civil works which are currently underway are quite complex.

“We are delivering the port-side civil works, which is around 86 kilometres of the earthworks formation with 10 multi-span superstructures - one that spans 50 metres, 87 culvert structures and three-million cubic meters of cut to fill.”

On the other side of the site, the flash butt welding yard is taking shape. This is where strings of rail are welded together prior to being taken out to site ready to be installed on concrete sleepers.

Already, Martinus has 300 staff on site for the Carmichael Rail Network and the company has tapped into the local resource pool to engage workers and suppliers.

The approach is similar to the one taken by Martinus on previous projects, a large focus on community and industry engagement and set targets to employing, providing training opportunities and upskilling local people and engaging local suppliers.